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Music In Every Room supply a range of audio solutions to enable you to listen to your choice of music in every room in the house.



This is one of the first questions we get asked and for that question there is no one right answer, it all depends on what you are looking to achieve with your new Home Sound System.

We are here to help guide you through your choices, a few of the key questions we ask you are …….
Are you looking for In-wall system where you can have a stylish panel in the rooms you wish to enhance your sound or is it In-Ceiling to give you a more discreet finish? Are you looking for wireless sound systems do you require it to be Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
Then you have choice of Speakers.

Below gives you an idea to help on what you might require?

In-Wall Home Audio Solutions.

In-Wall audio solutions feature a recessed, wall-mounted control panel driving recessed ceiling mounted speakers. They can provide FM/DAB stereo radio and Bluetooth streaming, depending on the model.

In-Ceiling Home Audio Solutions.

In-Ceiling audio solutions differ from In-Wall products in that they are operated via a remote control or smartphone app. Sound is still delivered by recessed speakers.

WI-FI / Wireless Home Audio Solutions.

Wi-Fi audio solutions are freestanding units that receive audio signals via your home wi-fi. These units are plugged into wall sockets and are therefore fully mobile, enabling you to take your sounds with you. Wi-fi audio solutions are available from a range of manufacturers, including Sonos.


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Whatever the application we can supply speakers to suit. Whether it be discreet in-ceiling speakers, quality sound bookshelf speakers or specialist application speakers such as outdoor, marine or home cinema. Brands include Monitor Audio, KEF, Sonance, Q Acoustics and EIS.

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