Bluetooth Home Audio Systems

Innovative products and specialist knowledge – whatever your audio requirements, we have the perfect Bluetooth Home Audio Systems for you.

Bluetooth allows you to access your music, or listen to audiobooks and podcasts, from any Bluetooth enabled devices, such as a phone, tablet or laptop.

We will match your requirements with the best speaker set up, be it, In-Ceiling Speakers, On-Wall Speakers or Freestanding Speakers.

Bluetooth or WiFi? Whats best for you?

If you’re considering Bluetooth then bare in mind that the Bluetooth facility on your Phone or Tablet can only stream to one system at a time, this makes it ideal for playing music in a single room or an open plan area.
What you can not do is stream to several rooms at the same time (party mode)

If you want to play Music in more than one room at the same time, look to use a WiFi System, this can play any song in any room or any number of rooms can be grouped to play all the same (party mode).
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