Video Distribution

Watch what you want, where you want . . .

All your 4K content on every TV in your home

Sky & Virgin boxes have traditionally been housed in-room and dedicated to the one TV.
With a Video Distribution system, these boxes together with all other media devices can be moved out of room to a hub.
A wiring infrastructure is installed to link the hub to the TVs in every room. TVs are controlled as if boxes were in the room, with every TV able to access any skybox, virgin box or any other media devices.

Share devices

Want to give guests access to the Sky Box in the spare bedroom without paying for an extra Sky Multiroom box? Kids want to watch the same DVD but in a different room? Multiroom systems allow you to share devices between TVs located in different rooms, making them perfect for guests and large families.

On-Wall TV’s

On-Wall TV’s have become ever more popular, but so often the decision of where to place the Sky/Virgin box gets left behind.
Moving these boxes out of room to position them at a hub, not only allows you to share the content but declutters the room and overcomes the positioning problem. 

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You don’t have to stop watching a movie because it’s time to make dinner or get ready for bed. All of our multiroom systems have a Follow-me-TV feature that lets you pause your DVD, Sky or TiVo box in the living room, then hit play in the kitchen or bedroom to resume watching right where you left off.


Control your system with a universal remote, smartphone, tablet or Control4 smart panel. We are Control4 approved installers, allowing us to integrate with other smart home technologies to give you a truly connected, intelligent home.


Video Distribution Specialists

If you are not sure what is available, ask us to talk you through the possibilities, we are here to help and it’s free.

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