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KBSOUND are a range of innovative audio solutions for the home and commercial premises

KBSOUND was originally limited to in-ceiling/in-wall radios specifically designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms (where equipment powered by mains electricity would be a hazard). However, the KBSOUND range has expanded to include freestanding products with wi-fi and Bluetooth capability. KBSOUND are manufactured by eissound.

Music In Every Room Ltd are exclusive UK distributors of the KBSOUND range.



Can be fitted to any room in the home.
It’s almost invisible, installs easily in the ceiling and simple to operate with a mobile device or handheld remote

Features include:

  • Bluetooth
  • DAB/FM or FM Radio
  • Simple to use App
  • Optional Remote Available
  • Supplied with either 2.5″ or 5″ speakers
  • Pairs with Alexa
  • Quality Sound

Ideal for use in: Living Areas, hotel rooms, apartments


KBSound Mando Collection

Mando integrated home music systems offer listening options for both Bluetooth streaming & Radio enthusiasts alike.
Simple ‘One Button’ operation for Bluetooth Streaming + functional keypad for radio operation.

Mounted in a stylish plate designed for in-wall installation, purchase as part of a package with our recessed speakers.

The Bluetooth and tuner modules can be mounted separately in single gang boxes or together in a double gang box.

Soundaround WI-FI Multi-Room Sound Systems

Enjoy your favourite music in the most diverse and fun way. Imagine superb hi-fi audio sound quality and listening to any song whenever or wherever you want. The versatility of our SOUNDAROUND wi-fi system brings you the joys of wireless streaming throughout your home.

  • The in-wall controller offers discreet options that will power any type of speaker, from in-ceiling to bookshelf, patio to garden.
  • Live an unforgettable audio experience. Fill your home with amazing sound and let your favourite music surround you.


KBSound Systems can be used in so many different areas of the home and we can advise on your specific requirements.
Not only that, in commercial applications they can add value and sale-ability to any property.

Lift the impact of apartments, student accommodation, hotel rooms, holiday lets and rental properties.
Occupants and guests can play whatever they want, be it their favourite radio station, or stream their own music via Bluetooth.

Add KBSound to your retirement properties or care home rooms, to add that something extra that will benefit your residents.

They are ideal for relaxing your patients in surgeries or set the ambience in hairdressers and salons.
The units are simple and easy to use, discreet and save space and clutter on worktops.

Commercial Applications

Apartments, holiday-lets,
rental properties and elderly living.
The KBSound range will add sale-ability to
your build an make your property
stand out.

Allow your occupants to either stream their
own music or listen to their favourite
radio station.

Relax your patients in surgeries
Or set the ambience in your hairdressers,
nail bar or salon

The perfect addition to your hotel room.


For details of your local stockist/distributor or to find out more about the KBSOUND range, call us on 01943 870395