KB Sound Select Star


Bluetooth™ Streaming from smartphone or tablet

Enjoy your music streamed directly from any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet with the new SELECT STAR

An almost invisible Bluetooth + FM Radio  or Bluetooth + DAB/FM. All controlled via an app on your mobile device, or you can use the KB Sound Select Star handheld remote control.

The new addition to the SELECT range, the SELECT STAR system is a great combination taking the best bits from the the Select BT and iSelect. Simply download the free application to a mobile device, then stream and play.

The system comprises a discreet FM/Bluetooth or DAB/FM + Bluetooth module that is hidden away in your ceiling, connected to in-ceiling speakers to minimise the look even further.




Can be fitted to any room in the home.
It’s almost invisible, installs easily in the ceiling and simple to operate with mobile device or handheld remote

Features include:

  • Bluetooth
  • DAB/FM or FM Radio
  • Simple to use App
  • Optional Remote Available
  • Supplied with either 2.5″ or 5″ speakers
  • Pairs with Alexa
  • Quality Sound

Ideal for use in: Living Areas, hotel rooms, apartments



works with amazon alexa
Select Star Remote Png Small

You can select from three different kits.


Supplied without speakers – choose your own.
Also used with a ceiling amplifier to expand the number of speakers.

2.5″ Speakers

Perfect for the bathroom

5″ Speakers

Perfect for kitchen or larger rooms

Switching in ceiling amplifier

A module will drive up to 4 speakers (2 x 8 ohm)
To expand the system add the in-ceiling amplifier which will drive a further 4 speakers.
Up to 4 amplifiers can be added (Ideal for commercial multi-speaker requirements)

Using the app or handheld remote, speakers connected to module or amplifier can be switched to work on the Module, amplifier or both.
This is ideal for switching open plan living areas or bedroom/En-suit.

The amplifier also has mono/stereo switch and 3 maximum volume settings.

Expand Your System

Expand the KB Sound SELECT STAR with additional speakers. Choose from a range of recessed speakers, including 2.5″ passive and 5″ active/passive combinations. Two pairs are switchable via the KB Sound SELECT STAR app. Contact us for more details.

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