In-Wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver

In-Wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Audio receiver that can be paired to any device with Bluetooth™ capabilities

Perfect for the home and an ideal solution for hotel rooms, schools and student accommodation.


  • In-wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver (45mm x 45mm) that fits into a single gang box (think of a light switch or a plug socket!)
  • Combine with USB and ethernet ports to provide charging and network/internet connectivity in one neat installation
  • Does not allow interference from other Bluetooth™ users nearby
  • Pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Ideal solution for hotel rooms, apartments, schools and any public place . . . fitted in the wall means it cannot be lost or stolen!
  • Fascia available in white, black and grey
  • Add an additional pair of speakers for bedroom/en-suite, kitchen/diner, lounge/patio etc

Stream the world of internet music

Stream the world of internet music

One touch audio . . .

The “MANDOBT” In-Wall Bluetooth™ Audio Receiver is simple to operate:

  • Turn on Bluetooth™ on your device (eg smartphone, tablet)
  • Press and hold the button on the front of the In-Wall Bluetooth™ Audio Receiver for 4 seconds
  • That’s it, you’re connected!

You can now stream any audio from your Bluetooth™-enabled device.

In-Wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Technical and Operating Specifications


The module is powered from an external power supply unit.

Stereo audio output

Bluetooth™ Audio Receiver module:

  • Single button to trigger Bluetooth mode.
  • Unique identification number.
  • 3.5mm socket for external audio input. Takes priority over the Bluetooth signal.
  • LED for signaling.
In-Wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver

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