In-Wall Audio Solutions include a stylish and discreet recessed wall mounted controller. These controllers drive a pair of equally discreet recessed ceiling speakers.

In-Wall Audio Solutions

KB Sound Mando Bluetooth Audio Receiver

The Mando Bluetooth Audio Receiver provides easy-to-operate streaming of any audio from a Bluetooth-enabled device.

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KB Sound Mando DAB

Mando DAB is a unique product for the radio enthusiast, offering an almost invisible solution for customers who are looking to replace having a radio sat on the lounge table.

kb sound mando dab radio png with speakers
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Alternatives to In-Wall Audio Solutions


In-Ceiling Audio Solutions can provide FM/DAB stereo radio and optional Bluetooth streaming. Every component, except the remote control/app is hidden out of sight making them ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

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Wi-Fi Audio Solutions are freestanding amplifier/speaker units. They play audio streamed via your home wi-fi network.

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