Multiroom Audio Systems


Different music in every room or the same throughout, or a bit of both . . .


What can multiroom audio systems offer you?

Whether you want to listen to FM, DAB or internet radio, your CD collection or music streaming services (eg Spotify, Napster), you will have full control via an easy to use application.

Multiroom audio systems enable you to control your choice of music in different rooms and across ‘zones’ (multiple rooms).


How does it work?

All the technology is hidden away, out of sight. Central music storage – eg rip your CD collection to a Network Audio Storage (NAS) drive, amplification and power supplies are typically installed in a central location eg electrical cupboard.


“Take control of your music collection and listen to it in every room of your home.”


It’s your choice whether you would like to see the speakers or not. You can have recessed ceiling speakers, wall-mounted speakers, discreet in-wall speakers and freestanding speakers.

You can even take your music outside with weatherproof garden/patio speakers. The speakers are hard-wired back to the central audio sources.

Take control

Regardless of the multiroom audio solution you choose, your music is easily controlled by a smartphone or tablet app or a dedicated wall mounted controller.

Have a playlist per family member and a party playlist for when you are entertaining. Or use a streaming service when you want to find something new to listen to.

Understanding your requirements

The possibilities of multiroom audio systems are almost endless. Whatever functionality you want to achieve, the chances are we can ensure it happens. To do this, please tell us all you can:

  • The rooms for music, rooms with TVs, are you Sky/Virgin, one or multiroom etc?
  • Is your music on iPod/iPad, PC, CD or vinyl?
  • Ceiling, wall or freestanding speakers?
  • Refined classical or loud rockers, background or teenage kids?

We can then make suggestions as to the best method of providing what you want. Drop us a line using the form on the right . . .


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If you are not sure what is available, ask us to talk you through the possibilities, we are here to help and it’s free.

Our Services


  • Maybe at this stage you just want a budget, or a ball-park figure.
  • Maybe a site survey is helpful.
  • We will design, specify equipment and provide a quote.
  • We are here to help and it’s free.


We can advise on all aspects of cabling with a detailed wiring specification for your electrician. Your electrician pulls in the cables.


At second fix we attend site to terminate all cables and install the equipment. We commission and provide detailed instruction on operation.