KB Sound Select Star

KB Sound Select Star

What is the KB Sound Select Star?

The New KB Sound Select Star has been created to offer more control to the users, where its predecessors the KB sound iselect only allowed you to control via remote control and the KB sound Select BT being controlled by an APP or Bluetooth Streaming.

The KB Sound Select Star lets you control with both APP and a remote control allowing that flexibility.

Because of this upgrade, it now means you don’t have to take your mobile device into the bathroom and worry about water damage.

“which would be disastrous and something I have personally had the misfortune of doing.
Safe to say my partner was not pleased as I was using their phone at the time”

KB Sound Select Star App
KB Sound Select Star Kit
KB Sound Select Star Remote

Where best to use the KB sound Select Star?

KB Sound select Star is a great system for open plan living.
This system is ideal for a kitchen diner where you want to listen to your favourite radio station in the morning, or you’re entertaining/having a party and want to stream music from your mobile device.
Also if you’re after some background music in a bedroom en-suite whilst getting ready or just relaxing in the bath, then the KB Sound Select Star is perfect.

KB Sound Select Star System will allow you to play music in any room of the house.

Can I play the same Music in Every Room with the KB Sound Select Star?

You can play the same “Music in Every Room” with the KB Sound Select Star unit.
However, you would need to add additional amplifiers and switches throughout your home to do so.

Using the app or handheld remote, speakers connected to module or amplifier can be switched to work on the Module, amplifier or both.
This is ideal for switching open plan living areas.
But if you only want to play music in a single room, you would need to go around switching off each room via a wall switch.

If you are wanting to play music throughout and switch off different rooms with ease you would have to look at a different system.
We would recommend looking into Wireless/WiFi systems as these will give you the flexibility you’re after.

Check out the KB Sound Soundaround WI-FI Multi-Room Sound Systems.

Does KB Sound Select Star work with Alexa?

Just like the Select BT before it, the new KB Sound Select Star also connects with Alexa.
With the increase in more voice-activated devices and the growing popularity of Alexa, it was a must to make this system work with Alexa.

Not only is the KB Sound Select Star great for homes,  it’s also a brilliant addition to a variety of commercial properties with small shops, office buildings, salons, surgeries and many more.
If you love music and don’t want to have radio’s or cd players cluttering the sides this is a great fit for you.

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