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WI-FI Multi Room Sound Systems

Enjoy your favourite music in the most diverse and fun way. Imagine superb hi-fi audio sound quality and listening to any song whenever or wherever you want. The versatility of our KB Sound SOUNDAROUND wi-fi system brings you the joys of wireless streaming throughout your home.

Control is simple using the AllPlay Jukebox App. The App allows you to access your music library, stream from the internet and enjoy your music services such as Spotify and Napster. Listen to different songs in different rooms, control one or all rooms at the same time and adjust the volume level independently.

Live an unforgettable audio experience. Fill your home with amazing sound and let your favourite music surround you.

Our wi-fi SOUNDAROUND range offers solutions for any room:

  • The in-wall controller offers discreet options that will power any type of speaker, from in-ceiling to bookshelf, patio to garden.
  • Freestanding wireless speakers, SA30 and SA50 give complete versatility. Simply plug in and listen to your favourite tunes.

Control using the powerful Qualcomm AllPlay App

SOUNDAROUND wi-fi speakers are controlled via the FREE Qualcomm AllPlay App.

Once each SOUNDAROUND wi-fi speaker is connected to your wi-fi network they can be operated by the same device. Play music on each SOUNDAROUND individually or group the wi-fi speakers together to play simultaneously in open areas or across the entire house during a party.

Listen to your favourite streaming services

SOUNDAROUND wi-fi speakers connect seamlessly to many popular streaming services including Spotify and Napster.

Hover mouse over icons on the image below for more details . . .

ZONE 1 – Bathroom
In wall controller will power discreet IP rated in ceiling speaker for perfect listening in the shower
ZONE 2 – Study
The SA30 wireless freestanding speaker is ideal for small/medium sized room. Be impressed by the sound quality from this little speaker.
ZONE 3 – Master Bed
The SA50 wireless freestanding speaker is ideal for larger rooms. The added feature of Audio input allows this unit to double up as your TV Soundbar.
In wall controller is capable of powering up to 4 speakers, ideal for an open plan area or awkward shaped room where 2 speakers may not be sufficient. In ceiling speakers are perfect to achieve almost invisible sound.

SOUNDAROUND In-Wall Controller

In Wi-Fi mode control is wireless using the free “Qualcomm-Allplay App” downloaded to your phone or tablet. Directly stream music from your device or explore the world of music from the internet, including Spotify, Napster, Tune in radio and many more.

All SOUNDAROUND units, in-wall or free-standing link together. Any song in any room, all the same (party mode) or all different.

The in-wall controller also has Bluetooth streaming, ideal for guests without the need for them to log into your home network. Alternatively, just plug in any device using the 3.5mm jack.

The wall controller includes a powerful amplifier up to 25 watts x 25 watts, that wires to speakers appropriate for the room. Most popular are in-ceiling recess speakers but equally happy are in-wall, onwall or freestanding speakers. Maybe consider a pair of weatherproof speakers for the patio. With a touch of the control you can group rooms to play in “Party mode” for a rocking barbeque.

soundaround in-wall wi-fi
powered by qualcomm allplay



Wireless music to fill your home


SOUNDAROUND wireless speakers can be placed anywhere in your home to provide quality, room-filling sound.

powered by qualcomm allplay

Units suitable for every room in the house . . .

eissound soundaround sa30

Discreet 30W output
Ideal for the bedroom or study

Mix and match SOUNDAROUND wi-fi-speakers throughout your home
SA30 is a discreet unit, ideal for smaller rooms. SA50 packs a punch and is ideal for living rooms and kitchen/diners.


30 watts
264 x 124 x 173mm


50 watts
412 x 263 x 172mm

eissound soundaround sa50

50W of quality, bass heavy power
Set the feet tapping in your lounge or open-plan kitchen/diner

kbsound soundaround
kbsound soundaround
kbsound soundaround
kbsound soundaround

SOUNDAROUND link to your wi-fi network giving you instant access to the music stored on your phone, tablet and PC. Or travel into the world of online music including thousands of internet radio stations, iTunes and music stores.


Grow a family of SOUNDAROUND units, one in each room

They all link via wi-fi, with the option of a different song in each room, or the same music across all rooms (Party Mode).

Control is wireless using the free “Qualcomm AllPlay App” downloaded to your smartphone or tablet


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