Whatever the application we can supply speakers to suit. Whether it be discreet in-ceiling speakers, quality sound bookshelf speakers or specialist application speakers such as outdoor, marine or home cinema. Brands include Monitor Audio, KEF, Sonance, Q Acoustics and EIS.


Recessed speakers

Discreet sound solutions ranging from home cinema to bathrooms and steam rooms.

Recessed speakers are ideal for use where the speakers should be heard but not seen. Brands available include Q Install, Sonance and EIS.

Freestanding speakers

We offer a large selection of freestanding loudspeakers to suit all budgets and applications. Freestanding loudspeakers offer a greater range for high fidelity audio, giving more clarity to your music. From floor shaking floor standers to versatile patio speakers from leading manufacturers including Kef, Monitor Audio and Q Acoustics, we have a speakers package for you.

Home cinema speakers

Take entertainment to a whole new level with home cinema speakers. Designed to bring out the best in movies, gaming, concerts and multimedia content. We offer ranges from leading brands to include Monitor Audio, Sonance and Q Acoustics.

Commercial speakers

We offer a full range of speakers for all commercial applications. Background music and Public Address Systems for retail, factory and warehouse, to name just a few!

Outdoor speakers

For all your outdoor speaker requirements we have the perfect solution.

From discreet garden speakers to smart functional patio speakers and brands including Q Install and Sonance we can supply whatever you need.