Tenor Audio Bathroom Mirror

A high-quality audio mirror designed by an audio company!

Includes DAB/FM radio, Bluetooth­™ streaming, LED lighting and demist.

Stunning sound – crisp, bass-heavy yet balanced sound.



. . . hear the difference!

Bathroom Audio Mirror

Full sized and fully featured

The Tenor Audio Bathroom Mirror is a full sized (800mm x 600mm) wall hung mirror. A size, position and hole template is included with the mirror making fixing straightforward.

Unlike other bathroom audio mirrors, the Tenor includes BOTH DAB/FM radio AND Bluetooth™ streaming giving you the best choice on the market.

The mirror also features ultra-bright LED lighting, hands-free proximity switch (no need to dry your hands, simply wave your hand below the mirror to trigger the lights), electrical mirror demist, auxiliary audio connection, touch-sensitive buttons for audio operation and digital clock.

Recessed or wall mounted?

As well as being suitable for wall hanging, the Tenor Audio Bathroom Mirror can also be recessed. Full instructions are provided to enable recessing – contact us if you have any questions.

Bathroom Audio Mirror


There are strict regulations that determine the position of the mirror and the requirements to provide a safe mains power connection.

We strongly advise it is fitted by an approved electrician.

CLICK HERE to download Installation Instructions.

The Tenor audio bathroom mirror is IP44 certified. It can be installed in Zone 2 of the bathroom (see drawing).

It must not be installed in Zone 0 or Zone 1 and should not be in a position where it can be accidentally sprayed from the shower head.


Operating Instructions

CLICK HERE to download Operating Instructions.

Bathroom Audio Mirror

Wall hanging

The mirror will normally be wall hung and plays from its inbuilt speakers. There are 4 keyhole slots on the rear. A full size, position and hole template is included with the mirror making wall fixing straightforward.


It is possible to fully recess the mirror and this alternative is detailed in the installation instructions. This will cover the inbuilt speakers, the side aerial and the light proximity switch. The speakers are wired to separate in ceiling or wall mounted speakers. The light proximity switch is wired to a separate wall or pull cord ceiling switch. The side aerial is replaced with a rear feed from a separate loft or external DAB/FM aerial.

When fully recessed the mirror looks superb and played through quality ceiling speakers sounds excellent. Please contact us to discuss any aspect of recessing or remote speaker options.


Good DAB and FM reception will be subject to the signal strength in your bathroom. The mirror is provided with a side mounted DAB/FM extending aerial. If the local signal strength is good this aerial will be fine. We recommend you test before installation. If the installed position is near a window this will often help. If the side aerial provides insufficient signal then it can be removed and a remote loft or external aerial wired into the rear of the case using a coaxial cable. We recommend an external aerial. The better the input signal the better the quality of the output.