The KBSOUND PREMIUM range uses a stylish wall mounted recessed control unit to offer either FM radio or FM and DAB radio together with your favourite music via a 3.5mm direct input jack for iPod/MP3/CD.

Driving a pair of discreet 2.5″ recessed ceiling speakers (available in white, brushed nickel or polished chrome) the PREMIUM is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Digital clock/calendar with dual alarm functionality means the PREMIUM is also ideal for use in bedrooms – it can replace your bedside alarm, waking you with either an alarm tone or your choice of music.

Features include:

  • LCD display indicates all system functions
  • 30 FM and 30 DAB station memory
  • iPod/MP3/CD plug-in
  • Two alarms with sleep function
  • Optional IR controller
  • 2.5″ speakers available in white, nickel and chrome finish

KBSOUND PREMIUM kit includes:

  • Power supply
  • Control unit
  • 2 x 2.5″ in-ceiling speakers
  • Mounting box and fascias
  • 10m speaker cable
  • 76cm antenna

Choose from FM only or FM and DAB radio and speaker finish (white, nickel or chrome)

DAB model Speaker colour
40103 2.5" white
40113 2.5" nickel
40133 2.5" chrome
FM model Speaker colour
40102 2.5" white
40122 2.5" nickel
40132 2.5" chrome


premium frameFrames

Frames are available in white, black and grey.

premium remote controlRemote Control

Operate the PREMIUM from anywhere in the room.

Alternative Products

Bluetooth Audio Receiver

The KINGBT Bluetooth Audio Receiver provides audio streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device. It is simple to install and easy to operate.

In-Wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Supplied in kit form it is available with 2.5″ or 5″ speakers and a range of control module colours.

Music In Every Room B


The iSELECT from KBSOUND is operated via a stylish remote control. iSELECT gives FM/DAB stereo radio with a Bluetooth adaptor option.


Supplied in kit form, the iSELECT is available with 2.5″ speakers in white, nickel and chrome finish and 5″ white speakers.

Music In Every Room B


The SELECTBT provides FM radio and audio streamed directly from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

iSELECTBT 5"All controlled with your smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for a separate remote control.

Music In Every Room B


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