KBSOUND iSELECT is an FM/DAB radio that is almost invisible.

It is operated via a remote control, with all other components hidden in the ceiling behind discreet recessed speakers.


KBSOUND iSELECT is more than just a hidden radio

Integrate it with our Bluetooth™ accessory or wireless KBSOUND DOCK and it becomes a full music system.

Features include:

  • Remote control with LCD display
  • FM & DAB or FM only radio with 30 station memory
  • 5W + 5W output
  • 2.5″ or 5″ recessed white speakers

Ideal for use in: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms (and en-suite)


Supplied as a complete kit, the KBSOUND iSELECT includes:

  • FM & DAB or FM only module, including power supply
  • 2 x 2.5″ (or 2 x 5″) in-ceiling speakers
  • Remote control
  • 5m speaker cable
  • 76cm antenna

Bluetooth™ streaming

A Bluetooth™ adapter is available as an optional extra. This compact module provides powerful Bluetooth connectivity. Stream any audio source from your Bluetooth-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets.

Simple to retrofit (to compatible models*), the Bluetooth adapter simply plugs into the terminal provided in the iSELECT module. Once paired, full control of your device is available via the iSELECT remote control with its LCD display.



* Can only be used with iSELECT models containing Bluetooth firmware

Choose from FM and DAB or FM only radio and speaker size

DAB model Speaker colour
50305 2.5" white
50306 5" white
FM model Speaker colour
50302 2.5" white
50304 5" white

Expand your system

2 pairs of speakers

iSELECT kits are supplied with a single pair of speakers. You can expand the iSELECT with an additional pair or speakers, making it an ideal solution for larger rooms, such as kitchen/dining rooms and living rooms, or perfect for bedroom/en-suite use.

Combine with a three-way speaker switch to to isolate the output between one, the other or both pairs of speakers.

Multiple room use – SPACE

KBSOUND SPACEUsing the iSELECT SPACE you can run a large number of speakers to multiple rooms.

The SPACE kit contains a module, including power supply, and remote control. You simply specify whatever combination of speakers (and relevant amplifiers/power supplies as necessary) you require.

Contact us for details and a quotation.

For details of your local stockist/distributor or to find out more about the iSELECT and SPACE, call us on 01943 870395

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