Music, appropriate to the surroundings, is very important to create the right ambiance in a restaurant. You don’t want it too loud, but it also needs to be heard above background noise. Music also needs to be balanced across the entire public area and easily controlled by staff.


We have considerable experience of providing audio in restaurant environments. Below are examples of systems that are applicable . . .

Option 1

As well as delivering crystal clear Bluetooth™ streaming, this option includes FM and DAB stereo radio.

iSELECT SPACE provides radio and Bluetooth streaming across multiple pairs of speakers. Easily expanded, the system can drive many different types of speakers.


Music In Every Room B

Option 2

Entry level system consisting of a digital stereo amplifier with Bluetooth™, speaker switching unit and in-ceiling loudspeakers.

This option delivers a punch from the 85 watt stereo amplifier and crystal clear audio from the high-definition Bluetooth™ streaming. NFC technology allows simple tap and connect with Bluetooth™ devices.

85 watt stereo amplifier

Option 3

This option brings incredible audio to multiple areas of your house by operating three independent zones from one unique unit.

With 40 watts of power per zone, this player elevates any three rooms with crisp high-fidelity audio. And your music selection is limitless, thanks to built-in access to Internet Radio as well as a network connection to your personal music collection.



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