Add value to your development with a built-in audio system from Music In Every Room. Simple to install, and unobtrusive in appearance, the options detailed below will help you stand out from your competition and increase your saleability.

There are many options for provision of built-in audio to multiple rooms in a new-build/renovation development. We have provided three examples, below, of systems ranging from simple single output Bluetooth™ streaming up to a multiple zoned system allowing choice of audio source.


These are just examples of what is available. Please contact us to discuss your own development and specific requirements.


Entry level system consisting of a digital stereo amplifier with Bluetooth™, speaker switching unit and in-ceiling loudspeakers.

This option delivers a punch from the 85 watt stereo amplifier and crystal clear audio from the high-definition Bluetooth™ streaming. NFC technology allows simple tap and connect with Bluetooth™ devices.

85 watt stereo amplifier


As well as delivering crystal clear Bluetooth™ streaming, this option includes FM and DAB stereo radio.

The iSELECT from KBSOUND is a compact, easy to install system designed to provide high-quality audio for both small and large rooms. It is also suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms. All functions are operated via a remote control with LCD display.


Supplied in kit form, the iSELECT contains everything needed for a quick installation, including 10 metres of speaker cableand batteries for the remote control.


This option brings incredible audio to multiple areas of your house by operating three independent zones from one unique unit.

With 40 watts of power per zone, this player elevates any three rooms with crisp high-fidelity audio. And your music selection is limitless, thanks to built-in access to Internet Radio as well as a network connection to your personal music collection.


Add players in other rooms to spread the fun, and every room can listen to its own selection, or be synchronized with other zones so that no matter where you go in the property your music follows you there.

We supply and install systems from a wide range of manufacturers, including the NuVo Whole Home Audio system . . .

If you’re looking to add value with audio to your development, whether you’re at the design or first fix stage, call us for a no-obligation chat on 01943 870395.


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